Laverda M 400 LCI, a choice that three generations can agree on


Located in the heart of Val d'Orcia, a land so beautiful that it is a Unesco World Heritage site, the company was founded in 1970 by Angiolo who then passed the reins to Massimiliano.

"Here we work as a team, explains Massimiliano, our business involves three generations." And you can tell with the passion and enthusiasm that shine on the faces of Angiolo, Massimiliano and Valerio that it could not be otherwise.

"On the other hand, continues Massimiliano, there is a lot of work to be done: we have our land on which, we cultivate various grains and then we work for third parties for the entire harvesting process, from soil preparation, to seeding, threshing and all other phases of the necessary work. If we consider it all, by the end of the season we work and thresh 1,100 hectares! Therefore, we need to be able to rely on  machines that are powerful and reliable and Laverda helps us with this."

The Farm Rappuoli, currently relies on a 255 Al 4WD purchased in 2007 and a brand-new M 400 LCI, which became part of the fleet February 2013.

"I have no words to describe the satisfaction that we have with this machine, it is a real gem. The LCI leveling system is fantastic and the M 400 LCI is unrivaled in its category. The new cab also provides unparalleled comfort. I have to admit it’s a huge leap in quality compared to the cabin of the 255 4WD, of which we are still happy with. However, it is a whole other story."

During the harvest, a little suspense was created in the area about the Rappuoli family’s new machine; Massimiliano invited all of his neighbors and all the farmers in the area to see it with their own eyes, and ride with him. Everyone wanted to test the comfort and functionality of it in the first person. And so it was. "But I didn’t let anyone drive... The combine is a very personal matter for me, it’s like an extension of your hand, it’s really my own. Of course my colleagues have acknowledged all of the advantages of our M 400 LCI, and that makes me proud."

A choice that was shared 100% by Angiolo and Valerio. The latter, in particular, appreciates the technological advantages. The on-board computer with the big touch screen, the intuitiveness of the controls and the ability to monitor all the parameters relevant to the work in the field, customizing them to suit your needs, have definitely wowed the young Valerio. And Massimiliano makes the most of the hi-tech machine, he has even created a specific program with different drum speed settings, depending on the time of threshing and the product, then combine sets them automatically. “Thanks to the ability to adjust the working parameters according to the product and the time of day, I worked without ever getting out of the machine,” he says. "When you work 13 hours straight, you do not want any hassles, you have to be comfortable and not having to get out of the car is great. In addition to everything else, the cab is so spacious! The advantages are many and there will be trouble for anyone who touches my combine. The leveling is sweet, you can tell that the electronics are real quality. The traction is optimal and has never given me problems, it is always activated and it automatically adjusts itself going downhill, therefore my M 400 LCI climbs with ease and descends in total safety. This is a hillside combine territory, here we harvest very difficult areas."

Mr. Rappuoli then speaks of the extremely low consumption: 9,32 l/ha, which is very important these days with the cost of diesel sky high.

The machine has worked on durum wheat, barley, oats, rapeseed, field beans, clover and always gave it it’s best, excellent performance and an irreproachable quality of the grain. "We worked 7/8 km per hour with 6-meter bar with virtually no losses. Moreover, with a good feeding and a good threshing mechanism, we’re not afraid of anything. The MCS always activated and did its part in productivity, on the clover, we were able to work with 1230 rpms, which is not everyone can do. The grain tank is large and allows you to go around the entire field working with continuity. There is also the fact that, with this leveling system, the machine can reduce to 3.6 meters, which is a nice benefit for road travel. The combine narrows and goes everywhere, you only widen it when you work."

For routine daily maintenance, Massimiliano is satisfied: "They are simple and do not steal too much time. The seed dust, for example, is terrible, gets everywhere, but, with the M 400 LCI, it doesn’t accumulate in the engine, plus the side panels can be opened to the max. So it is very easy to blow it off. For eventual part replacement, which for us was not necessary since everything went great, the side panels are so large it’s  easy access to every part of the machine, making my life simple."

Asked about his future plans, he replied: "My customers have known me for many years and trust in me. They know how I work and see how Laverda works. If Laverda continues what it’s doing, I see Laverda combines in the company’s future. And not only that, I'm also recommending the M 400 LCI to all my friends. "Angiolo and Valerio nod and smile.

"The combine has worked without stopping and never had any problems whatsoever. I’m telling the truth, to find something to say just to say it, I can’t… believe me, it doesn’t even have one defect. Well, perhaps the steering could be a little less stiff..." Massimiliano concluded.


Simonetta Lambrocco


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Laverda M 400 LCI, a choice that three generations can agree on
Laverda M 400 LCI, a choice that three generations can agree on
Laverda M 400 LCI, a choice that three generations can agree on
Laverda M 400 LCI, a choice that three generations can agree on